Thursday, December 04, 2014

What you talking about Willis?

Tonight I posted this picture on Instagram and said the girls made a pallet in their room and begged me to let them sleep on it.  

(Which side note - did NOT work). ha!

Here is where I got cracked up........probably 20 people left me comments saying they didn't know what a pallet was.  And one girl said she was wondering why I let my girls sleep on shipping crates and I was DYING laughing!!! 

I didn't know this was a regional term.  A pallet just means a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor that you sleep on.  It can also mean shipping crates. :-) 

I absolutely love regional differences.  I find them so interesting. 

One of my favorite things was about five years ago when I had mentioned okra and a bunch of people said they didn't know what that was and after I picked myself off the floor I asked y'all what you ate that might be regional.  And I compiled a list. 

I've lived in the south (Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana) all of my life so most of the time I don't realize things I do or say are strange to others until you point it out.  Like apparently saying "I got my picture made" instead of "picture taken" is weird to some of you.  

Or the time I found out that not everyone gets bridal portraits made??? I had no idea. 

I'm wondering if you can think of things you say or eat or do that might be exclusive to your area? I love hearing what people in the Northeast or West or North (or other countries) do that is so foreign to me.  (As much as you probably find me peculiar in some ways).

Let's share.........I can't wait to read the comments! 

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