Sunday, December 07, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

We have had a VERY full Christmas weekend.  It's been so good but I'm worn out! 

 Friday night we had our annual Sunday School Christmas party.  Our church had parents night out for us and we had a potluck dinner and it was just a good time to fellowship.  We had almost 50 couples there.  Our class has grown so much but I just love all the amazing friends I've made through this class.  

We may have played a little Baptist Bingo. ha! 

Saturday I drove a couple of hours south and spoke at a women's lunch in Clarksville, AR.  These girls are working to get their women's ministry going.  I love seeing how God is moving in other churches.  I had the best time and met some really neat women.  While I was gone, Scott and the girls had a fun day.  They went all over town doing the girls favorite things. 

This morning was our big Christmas service at church.  The adult choir, youth and kid choirs all sing.  I will never get over what a precious thing it is to me to see my own children up on the stage singing at Christmas.  I dreamed for years of the day it would be my kids in Christmas clothes singing about Jesus.  And in three years, I will have a little boy up there singing. I can't even imagine how happy that will make me! 

 Hollis and her best friend.  Could they BE any cuter? 
 One of Hollis' other best friends.  These two make me smile. 
 Sweet little preschoolers 
 We had another amazing service today.  We saw another great amount of people come to know the Lord today! I can't begin to explain to you what is happening in our church.  Several of my friends got baptized today and they each told their testimony.  My friend Ginger preached a sermon before she got baptized.  Our church is on fire and it's so exciting! 
 The kids sang again tonight.  My girls and Sarah Kate and Emily.  I love these girls. 

And then Harper got a moment with the microphone.  


She told me right before they sang tonight that "there aren't enough people here".  She wanted the place packed out like it was for the morning service.  I think she's ready to make her singing debut.  I pray all the time that she might one day be a deaf worship leader (although we hope she never goes fully deaf but if she does........) just so God can get the glory.  Or a missionary.  Or a doctor.  Or whatever she wants to be. 

We rounded out the weekend by hitting up Cracker Barrel.  

I love this time of the year.  I think I worship God even more when I focus on his birth and how He came to live with us and then died for us.  I'm so thankful for all He has done. 

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