Thursday, November 06, 2014

Sharing our news

A lot of you have asked me how I told Scott, our family, the girls, and our friends our news.

Oh I wish I could say I did something creative this time around.  With Harper we gave our families the ultrasound in a picture frame.  With Hollis, we put Harper in the dress above and let her parade around.

I knew on a Monday morning that I was several days late and went and bought some tests.  The girls were at school and Scott was at work.  I nearly passed out on the floor when it came back positive. I wish I could say I waited until Scott got home from work and gave him a baby bib or something else Pinterest worthy.  Basically I called him and said "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS?!!!!".   I will say his reaction is one I will remember forever because I was in complete shock and he was so, so, so excited.  And then because we didn't tell another soul for weeks, we just spent a lot of time laughing together.  It was fun having this as a secret.

We had a trip booked to Disney World with Laurie and Steve for the week after I was due.  We have been so excited about it and clearly we can't go now so we DREADED telling them.  That's one reason I waited so long to tell Laurie.  So we went over to their house one night and I had a speech all prepared but Laurie guessed before I could say anything.  And she nearly fainted. ha! She texted me every day for a week saying "I'm just FLABBERGASTED!"

We didn't tell our families until about a week or so before I announced on here. I don't know why - but I just couldn't get up the nerve to tell my family.  I knew they would be happy but I knew they would be shocked.  So they came to visit one Friday and I just blurted it out after dinner.  They nearly died.  My mom kept saying "I'm so happy but I'm just so shocked". ha! But they are excited and especially that they will have a grandson after three girls.

And we did basically the same with Scott's parents.  We waited for them to come visit and then Scott just told them.  I think they were equally shocked.  Everyone just thought we were done.

We didn't tell the girls until last week because I knew they would tell everyone.  They LOVE babies so I knew they would be happy.  Harper didn't believe me.  She kept saying "You are NOT having a baby.  You are just kidding me".  It took a while to convince her.  They weren't super excited when we said it was a boy.  Harper said "Can't y'all just have FOUR kids so we can have another sister".  Um no.

And I had so much fun telling my friends.  I either told them in person or I would text and just say "I have something to tell you".  The funniest thing is most would say "You are pregnant" as a COMPLETE JOKE because anytime any female says she has news that's usually what you guess and then I would say "Yes" - and they would nearly die and type something back that had a million explanation points.

So it's been a fun few weeks sharing our news.

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