Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Halloween Weekend

Thank you for all your sweet words and wishes for our growing family! I especially loved hearing from all of you who had babies in your 40's.  I won't lie - when I first found I was pregnant - I was googling "Celebrities who had babies in their 40's" to make myself feel better. (not that I'm a celebrity but I guess I figure if Halle Berry can do it at 46 so can I).  Of course then I realized they all had chefs and nannies and housekeepers and personal assistants.  And that's not exactly the same. So I'm happy to hear from normal 40 year olds! :-) 

We had a fun Halloween.  I always love Halloween.  I don't love scary stuff but I love the time with my family just having fun.  We have a tradition to go to Laurie and Steve's and eat dinner and Trick or Treat.  They live in a bigger neighborhood than we do and they get real into trick or treating.  The girls were SO excited! 

You already saw our family costumes in our announcement.  I will say Scott is a great sport to dress up.  This isn't really his personality but he will do a lot for his girls.  I think he liked it this year.  He was pretty proud of his Mad Hatter hat.  I think he felt like he looked more like Slash from Guns and Roses though.  And I look like Flava Flav with my clock.  

We also had our grandparents with us this year and the girls thought that was extra fun.  Unfortunately we had a cold snap hit on Halloween and it was FREEZING.  The girls wore thick coats but we only made it to about 10 houses and had to call it a night.  It was just too cold.  But they all stood at Laurie's door and handed out candy and I think they had just as much fun with that. 

Saturday these two crazy kids celebrated 11 years of marriage.  
Please note how YOUNG, tan, THIN and well rested we look.  

Scott's parents got us a cake and then kept the girls so we could have a date.  We went to a movie and out to eat and then came home to watch the Razorbacks lose again.  

It was a pretty great weekend. 

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