Monday, October 06, 2014

Lessons from a Kindergarten Mom

Well, Harper has been in kindergarten for a while now and she has adjusted so well.  She absolutely loves it.  She knows all the kids in her class by their first and last names (that's how she calls them - by both names) and has a ton of friends.  She adores her teacher.  She loves art and music the most.  And recess of course.  She has never said once she doesn't want to go to school.

I was worried because going into the summer, she didn't know the sounds letters made and we worked and worked on sounding out words and it was going no where.  Well, she knows all of her sight words and is sounding out bigger words and making so much progress with reading.  (Which is so much harder on kids with hearing loss who don't hear all the sounds).  She even likes eating the cafeteria food from time to time.

She has been student of the week and was picked as an ambassador for her class for the first semester to represent the school.

Kindergarten has been a huge success for her.

Well, we have her first parent/teacher conference tomorrow so hopefully I'm still singing the same tune.  I may found out a different story.

But I still feel like a lost puppy.

Not because I'm sad without her or even feel anxious.  I've actually been completely okay emotionally.

But most days - I feel like I have NO IDEA what I'm doing.

Am I alone??????

I've hired Laurie as my school liaison.  I think every new school mom needs one because there is so much they don't tell you.  You just have to chart the waters all by yourself and it can be so confusing. Like car line.  Thank goodness I had Laurie to tell me to wait until the bell basically rang before getting in line.  The first week I was eager beaver and waited about an hour every day.  Now I know to zoom through.

Our schools start super early so I have to leave our house at 7:15 to get her to school.  It's a new world trying to get all of us up and ready and fed and bags packed and lunches ready and in the car by 7:15.  Some days it's pretty smooth.  Some days like today it's a complete train wreck.  One where I have to text Scott and tell him later I was sorry for acting so crazy and pray with the girls in the car that our day would get better.  (I'm just being honest).

And there are the million forms that come in Tuesday folders.  And the $3 here and the $12 here that I constantly need to keep up with.  And I couldn't figure out for the longest time how to get money in her lunch money account.  And I asked three people who told me three different codes for her.  ha!

Or the time I got up early and got her dressed so cute for school pictures and straightened her hair and she showed me that night how cute she posed and how great she smiled and then she said "MOOOOMMMM......I was the ONLY one without a paper.  You were supposed to send a paper".  And I figured out that you had to order pictures before they were taken.  What?  I had always known you got proofs and then ordered.  Well, the times have changed.  (Yes there will be retakes or spring pictures but still ....... I wish someone would have made that super clear.)

And there are book fairs and carnivals that I don't really know how they work.  I guess by the time Hollis hits kindergarten I will be one of those moms who knows what is going on.  I hope I can find a mom who looks a little like a deer in the headlights and help her out a little.

I guess we are figuring out this school thing together.

Maybe by the time she graduates we will have it down.

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