Sunday, October 05, 2014

Fall and Friends

Saturday we had a cool front come through.  It's been 85 or higher most days but we had a storm and then wore up to a morning where it was 38 outside.  We had planned to go to the Pumpkin patch with friends and it turned out to be perfect! 

There are a ton of pumpkin patches in our area but our favorite is Farmland Adventures.  We love it because there is so much to do and a lot of animals! My girls love the pony rides most of all.

They have a little petting zoo with everything from camels to llamas to baby goats and pigs.  My girls love feeding the goats. 

We went with two families.  Our kids had so much fun together and so did the parents. 

 My favorite part is taking a wagon ride where we get to stop and feed cows.  I think cows are so cute! 

This year they had built a new race track and had these pedal cars.  The kids were too small to ride them but the parents put them on our laps and drove them around.  

 Thankful for these girls.  We had fun in the corn maze.  Although for a while we lost our husbands and children which was a little scary. ha! 
 It warmed up and we enjoyed everything they had at the pumpkin patch. 
 Hollis and her best friend Joseph.  
 We let the kids pick out a pumpkin to take home.  They thought it was the greatest day ever! 
 I can't believe how much my girls have grown.  Every year gets just a little more fun.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed to Fayetteville and ate at my favorite place Hammontree's for lunch with our friends.  It was extremely crowded and took forever to eat.  It was packed full of college kids and sorority girls.  And that's when we discovered it doesn't seem like college girls wear pants these days.  (Well - not really but they ALL were wearing long shirts and either short skirts or shorts that were hidden).  I'm clearly old. 

After we got home, I got to go meet with a sweet girl Audra who lives in Central AR.  Her sister was competing for Miss Arkansas USA in Bentonville last night.  She has two adorable boys and we had fun visiting and letting our kids play.  

It was such a great day.  The icing on the cake was the craziness of college football yesterday.  The Hogs didn't play but it was upset Saturday and that makes it fun to watch.  I hope you had a good weekend. 

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