Sunday, August 24, 2014

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

We've had a busy fun filled week.  Last Monday my parents took Hollis to Dallas to visit her cousin.  Harper got to go in May so it was fun for Hollis to get to have her own little "grandparent vacation".

One of our babysitters and friends came over with a flower cupcake to ask the girls to be her flower girls next summer.   They are soooo excited.  A pretty dress and flowers?  She was speaking their love language. 

 While Harper was in school and Hollis was gone, I had several meetings for women's ministry and also tried to catch up on house cleaning (which I feel like I can never get caught up on).  Laurie and I also took one day to go to a nearby town (Prairie Grove for locals) and hit our favorite junk stores (Daisy's and Olives and a few other on the main strip there) and a few other stores in Fayetteville.
 Our favorite lunch spot is Hammontree's in Fayetteville was completely off my diet plan but it sure was good! 

Hollis started preschool on Friday.  She was so excited.  I'm so happy about this year because she is in a class with a lot of kids she knows and I think it's going to be such a great year. 

 Friday night there was a school carnival.  It's a fundraiser for the PTO.  Which is great! But an outside carnival in August when it's been over 100 degrees was not my favorite.  They had lots of fun games and all kinds of things like fire trucks and police cars and even a helicopter.  Scott and the girls toured all of that.  
I had volunteered to help with a bowling game.  I had left my house that morning to do a bunch of stuff and then picked up both girls from school and driven 45 min away to speech and back and went straight to the carnival.  I did not plan my outfit very well.  I was out there in wedge heels and a cross body purse setting up those pins approximately every 45 seconds and chasing bowling balls across the parking lot in 100 degree weather.  I was sopping wet and all my friends were laughing at me.  Clearly I am that rookie mom.  

We spent Saturday afternoon and night over at a friends' house and had the best time eating and playing and hanging out.  The kids had a great time together.  

Harper helped celebrate her friend Madeline's birthday today in Sunday School.

And tonight my friend Lysa Terkeurst spoke in our area.  She was AMAZING.  SOOOOO good. She is one of my favorite people - she is so real and so down to earth but also funny and full of wisdom.  If you have not read her books "Unglued" or her new one "The Best Yes" - you need to get on it now. I feel like she just knows exactly what women today are struggling with.  Love her.

It's been a HOT and busy week but a good one.  I think I'm ready for the week ahead!  How about you?

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