Wednesday, July 09, 2014

VBS And Visitors

We will get back to our regularly scheduled book club next week I promise.  I've had a crazy few weeks and have just been off my blogging norm.

My week is mainly overtaken this week with Vacation Bible School.  We love VBS.  The girls have so much fun and I love working in it.  I do preschool crafts every year.  It's so much fun.  We have almost 600 kids this year.  I love seeing them learn about Jesus. 

One of the directors took this picture of Hollis on the playground yesterday. I thought it was so sweet. 

We wear the same tee shirt every day so I always try to change it up and not just wear the same pair of jeans.  My friend Elizabeth showed up today wearing a very similar striped navy maxi skirt today so we had to take a picture.  We are doing what we can to make VBS Stylish.  ha!  

Today we learned the Golden rule which is just a great policy to live by and one I need to remember more often. 

This week has also been so fun because we had visitors come stay with us last night.  I met Heather when we travelled to El Salvador with Compassion five years ago.  She has such a neat family.  Her husband is a worship leader and travels the country leading worship in churches.  I call them my little gypsy friends because they are always on some kind of trip or road trip.  They just live life differently but so full of life! Carlos wrote a book about their life called "Moment Makers".  

They left Monday on a two month adventure.  And I was so excited when Heather said they were going to come through Arkansas and could they come visit us!!!

They came yesterday afternoon and I took them to eat on our downtown square and we had a little walk around the town that ended with ice cream.  I had to show them the very first Wal-Mart of course.

My girls LOVED having them stay with us.  They were just obsessed with her little boy Losiah.  Hollis cried her eyes out when she didn't get to sit next to him at dinner.  It made me laugh. They also loved the "big girls".  We had a great visit and then they left out before the sun came out to travel west.

We have two more days of Bible School to go.  I need to go to bed early.  :-)

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