Sunday, July 13, 2014

Keep Manhattan, Just Give me that Countryside

I need to start out by saying I've been a complete blogging slacker.  (Which really isn't a bad thing, right?)  I totally skipped SUYL this Friday.  I'm going to move the schedule out by a week and we will do makeup this Friday! 

Which by the way - I'm working on a little special post all about the eight couples who met on Singles Day here and are now married.  I'm doing a "where are they now" special.  I'll give you a hint: lots of babies! :-)   I'm hoping to do a Singles Day sometime early fall.  I know of one couple who met on the last one who are very seriously dating so we will keep this train rolling as long as matches keep being made!!!! 

After a busy week of VBS, the girls and I decided to make a quick trip to visit my parents. 

 My girls love to visit their grandparents.  Especially when it involves making brownies together! 

 It's nice to be in the country.  The girls and I fed a few deer before we met my mom at church this morning.  Scott and I have a dream to move to the country one day.  Not out of town - just maybe on a little land.  He's a country boy but I like to be near "town".  But it is fun seeing deer in your yard and enjoying the quiet of the country. 
 I got a fun surprise because one of my friends from college, Doug Compton, is an evangelist and he was preaching at my parents church today.  His wife was one of my really good friends in college.  I met Doug the summer before my freshman year at the camp I worked at.  He speaks at youth camps and does revivals and travels the globe sharing the Gospel.  I admire him so much.  He had their youngest son Lane with him today.  Lane and Harper are the same age.  We are hoping they are at OBU together in about 13 years.  I wouldn't mind an arranged marriage with these two. 

And speaking of the camp I worked at...........

About 8 years ago, one of the very first blogs I ever read belonged to someone who has become a dear real life friend, Amanda.  Amanda at the time lived in Dallas and she had a few close friends and I loved reading about them and reading their blogs as well.  Janelle was one of those friends and we have stayed in touch on social media and email and I saw this week that she was at Camp Siloam - 30 min from me!! I was so excited.  I grew up at that camp and couldn't believe she was so close.  I ran over last Thursday night and we got to meet in person and visit and it was so great.  Even if we had to explain to a few of her friends that we "met on the internet".  ha!

Here's to another week!

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