Thursday, July 17, 2014

Surprised by Motherhood

Well, it's not Wednesday.  But we are going to have book club today! If you have our book "Surprised by Motherhood" - you have probably had plenty of time to catch up on the reading so I hope you will join in and discuss!!!

First - I have to tell you about another book that just released this week by a friend of mine.  Annie Downs is a GIFTED speaker and writer.  She has a new book called "Let's all be brave" that you will want to check out.  You will LOVE IT!

Today we are going to discuss chapters 5 and 6 from "Surprised by Motherhood".

Here are a few questions I would love for you to discuss in the comments:

1.  Have you lost your mother? I'm sure some of you have.  How have you dealt with the grief of that? How has it affected your own motherhood?

2.  Lisa-JO shares about Colleen a friend who showed her that motherhood could be fun and not slow her down and inspired her to be a mother herself.  Did you have a friend pre-motherhood who showed you how great it was to be a mom? 
I feel like I had so many friends who did that for me.  I was last among many friends to have kids.  My best friend from college, Kandi, and her husband fought infertility for so many years before they finally had two beautiful girls and I loved watching how motherhood changed her.  I was still single and I took it all in.  And of course, Laurie going before me, taught me so much because I had such a front seat ticket to what being a mother was like with her.

And once again - I will pick one person who leaves a comment and you will win a free copy of "Surprised by Motherhood".

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