Friday, July 18, 2014

All about Make-up

Today's show us your life is all about make-up.

Thank goodness for make-up, right????

I'm always looking for new products so I'm interested in reading what you share!

I hate giving any advice because I have none to give on this subject.  I use absolutley no skincare products (which I know at my age I should but I just never have).  

I have always just used drugstore make-up but a couple of years ago I was down on my looks and feeling frumpy and decided to take the plunge with some better makeup.  Angie Smith tweeted about how much she loved the Naked Palette by Urban Decay and she sold me on it.  Especially when I realized there are you tube videos out there that detail how to wear your eye makeup with this palette. It changed my life. Seriously - it LITERALLY opened my eyes. :-)

And then I got so nuts over the naked palette (which is a lot of money for eye shadow but I have been using it for like 8 months and I use almost every color and they barely look like they have been touched.  So I count it as an investment that will last a while) that I tried out a lot more Urban Decay products. 

I LOVE the eyeliner  and my friend Elizabeth uses this eyeliner too and said she thinks it's the best kind. 

I'm also in love with this lipgloss. I use "naked" (there's a lot of naked going on, huh?) and it kind of even plumps up your lips. I used to have the worst dry, peeling lips and mine have been in the best shape since I started wearing this. 

I also wear Bare Minerals base make-up.  I don't like to feel makeup on my face and I just like a light coverage.  I think it works great and I recently added a packed powder on top and it has made a big difference.  

So those are my favorite products..........what are yours???????

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