Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life Lately

These girls spent last week with their grandparents.  They had so much fun swimming and fishing.  Harper is now an expert fisherman.  I picked them up on Friday.  Hollis was thrilled to see me.  Harper not so much.  She spent most of the ride home saying she wished Gigi was her mom and she could just live with her.  

So that was encouraging. :-) 

In other news I had the best pie of my ENTIRE life last week.  It was at a little coffee shop in Greenbriar, AR and it was some kind of chocolate, caramel pie with oatmeal.  I have never tasted anything so delicious EVER! 

And on another note, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a weight loss program.  Scott lost over 40 pounds two years ago on it and it was just time.   So hopefully by fall I will hit my goal.  ( I will give more details after I am on it for a while.  I don't want to put the cart before the horse).  Also note that I quit diet coke.  So you can pray for me. ha! (And pray for Sonic who may soon go out of business.) 

We went to a gymnastics party yesterday for Hollis' little boyfriend.  He is so crazy about Hollis and originally they had planned his party last weekend and I told his mom we were going to be out of town and they moved it because the one thing he wanted at his party was Hollis.  That cracked me up.  

My sweet girls before church this morning.  I'm loving the ages we are at and how much easier life has become.  We can do so much more these days and they are so fun to be with.  I know I will continue to love the changes that come and who they are as they grow.  But I will sure miss the smocked dresses and saltwater sandal days when they are gone.  

Hope your weekend has been wonderful! 

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