Friday, June 20, 2014

Back To School

Last month I asked you to send me your thoughts on what family was so I could include it in an article for "Celebrate Arkansas".   Well, they loved it!!! The article comes out July 1 and I can't wait to share it.  I was able to include several of you.  (They only had room for some of the ones sent in so if you didn't get included - don't take it personal!!!!!!!)  

AND  today I want to ask another favor.  I know summer JUST got going but it will be back to school soon and for "Celebrate Arkansas" and their August issue, I am doing a feature on Back to School and I want to include y'all again!!! So I would LOVE if you left a comment here and/or emailed me (at and sent me your Back to school traditions or plans for Back to school or thoughts on going back to school along with some kind of picture (high resolution please!)

I'm excited to feature some of you again!!!!!!

PS Today was supposed to be the Hair edition of Show us your life but I am having to postpone until next Friday.  So if you wrote a post - come back and link up next Friday!!!!!!!!

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