Monday, May 05, 2014

Oh the places you will go

I'm not a sentimental girl.  I don't get sad about a lot of changes because I always love looking forward to what's next with excitement.

I have never been sad about moving to a new house and leaving an old one because I was happy to fill the new home.  I wasn't sad when my girls moved out of baby stages because I loved the stage they were moving into.

I can only think of two times I have been sad for change in my life.

One was the end of my junior year in college.  Three of my VERY best friends were all graduating and I was SOOOO sad to face my senior year without them since I spent about 99% of my time with at least one of them.  I remember crying non stop the last few weeks of school.  I LOVED college but I didn't want to go back my senior year because I knew it would be awful.  But guess what? It turned out to be one of my most fun years.  I hung out with different friends and made new ones and had a blast.

And the second time I've ever been sad is now.  I keep finding myself crying over Harper going to kindergarten.  I took papers to her new school last week and was talking to the office ladies and had to leave because I was on the verge of losing it.

And then this is posted outside her preschool door today.  She is about to have preschool graduation in a few weeks and I started crying the minute I saw this.

I know Harper will LOVE kindergarten.  I don't want to keep her at home.  I even asked her if she wanted to just stay home and be homeschooled and she said "NO WAY".  ha!  She will soar at school.  I think I'm just sad because I know this is the beginning of the end.  She will don those little preschool graduation caps and I will blink and she will be a senior in high school.  I have loved these years at home with her and Hollis.  I loved pushing them around in strollers at the park or Target or just having pajama day at home.

I just hope I've done enough.  I hope I'm doing enough.

I plan to get the hardback cover of "Oh the Places you'll go" and have her preschool teachers sign and then each year have her teachers sign and give as a graduation gift to her.  Someone on my instagram suggested also getting a Bible and letting all of her Sunday School teachers/choir teachers/AWANA, etc at church sign each year and also give her when she graduates.  I LOVE that.  I'm going to do that and also maybe underline verses each year that have special meaning for that year for her (and Hollis) and write a little note in the side.  I want her to know I was praying for her all of these years specifically.   Praying for friends for her and for her future.

Someone else on IG suggested getting an adult XL t-shirt with "Class of ......." on it and each year on the first day of school taking their picture in it and watching them grow through pictures.  I thought that was so cute and creative.

What are other things you have done or ideas you have seen to benchmark the years or create a memory that you can treasure when they DO graduate?   I'd love to hear your ideas.  I'm at a good place to start!

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