Sunday, May 04, 2014

Girlfriends, Planes, and Golf

Life is so busy with these two clowns lately.  But I'm loving it! They bring me so much joy every day! 

But even the best mommas of all time need a break and a chance to get away with girlfriends! 

This weekend we had our Forth Annual Night of Nothing.  

Every spring, the girls in my Sunday School class go to a cabin on a Friday and we get in our sweat pants, bring lots of food and basically sit around and eat and talk and LAUGH.  We stayed up until 2 a.m. and I laughed harder than I have in a long time.  We had a lot of new girls go this time so it was good to bond a little.  We have about 40 couples in our class and it's always growing and changing.  
I'm so thankful for this group of friends.  

I had instragrammed this picture of Laurie with the hashtag #lauriesrobe.  A lot of you know about her robe but I had a few requests to blog about this robe.  Laurie ALWAYS wears a robe.  ALWAYS. At least when she is home.  She doesn't wear it at church or around town.  She a hot pink one for probably 10 years.  Steve HATED the thing.  Last year she got a new and improved robe.  It's just one of those quirks that makes her who she is.  We all tease her about the robe. When we had her 40th surprise party, a few friends even showed up in robes.  Laurie is so funny and unique - that's whey we love her! 

Yesterday afternoon we decided to try something new.  We went to a little airport in Springdale (if you live in the area) where they have a neat little restaurant.  You can sit and look out at the airplanes while you eat. 

We saw several small private planes take off.  The girls were SOOOO enthralled by it.  

They even fold the napkins into airplanes. 
 And the food was really good.  If you live local - you should check it out.  

We went for a round of putt putt after it was such a nice day.  

I'm really terrible - I kept hitting it in the rock piles/sand traps.  

And we even went to a concert later.  

Harper helped us with baptisms this morning.  She LOVES getting to do that.  She doesn't know exactly what is happening but it gives us a great chance to talk to her about it.

{On a side note - we have this dress on loan from a sweet friend who has her own Hollis and is letting us borrow some clothes that she has outgrown.  I was starting to think maybe Harper was outgrowing smocked dresses - she wears a size 6/7 so I thought maybe we were on our way out.  BUT this dress may have changed my mind - I think she looks adorable today}

I love my sweet girls.  What a sweet time we are living in.  

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