Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daily Grace From Dayspring

I've always been a fan of Dayspring.  For one thing, it happens to be practically in my backyard.  
And Scott worked for them when we were engaged and newly married. 

They are a wonderful Christian company who has always made cards and other products.  In recent years they have begun to make home decor that is both beautiful and covered in scripture.  

Dayspring has a new line called Daily Grace that is so clean and fresh and lovely.  They sent me a few things to try out and I just loved it. 

I don't drink coffee but Scott does and we often have guests who do.  These coffee cups have "all by grace" on one side and a chalkboard square on the other side.  If you have company, you can have your guests write their names on the cups and no more mixed up cups.  I love that! 
And I love the cute little sugar cup to keep my sweetener in.  (I use this for my iced tea!)

I rarely set the table for us but I decided to make a pretty table to go with a nice dinner the other night.  It was fun to try out the little place cards, dessert plates and vase.  

This bowl could have a million different uses.  I put salad in it.  And it's so fun to "label" your food.  

Love these dessert or salad plates - they are so clean and fresh and "graceful".  

I love, love, love little place cards to put by food when you throw a dinner or a party.  And these are perfect because you can write and erase on them and use them over and over.  They can dress up any meal!

And I love this chalkboard that you can display by a buffet or in the kitchen at a dinner.  Or just write a verse or saying to showcase every day! 

The creators of this line at Dayspring described it this way - 
Daily Grace was birthed from a place of understanding, and of knowing that time together, like grace, is a gift.  Gathering around the table, saying grace together, daily, that’s what we were thinking as we picked colors and talked about what words to use and which pieces to offer.
We love the concept of daily grace.  Two words that when combined are so very rich in meaning.  They call to mind our desire to daily approach our heavenly Father and how he richly, every day, extends us his loving grace.  Of how, as we bow our heads in prayer and thank Him for providing for us daily, we are quietly reminded that all good things come from above.  As we receive grace, we are also challenged to extend it too, daily.

Daily Grace has platters and pitchers and all kinds of beautiful things that will give your table a simple beauty as you invite friends and family into your home to break bread and share life. 

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