Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Club

Today is the last day for our book club for "The Antelope in the Living Room".  This was such a fun read.

Next week I will have a little something fun from Melanie (the author) and we will discuss future books!

So here are the last few questions to sum up the book.  I can't wait to hear your answers.

18. Have you ever thought about the legacy of your marriage and what it means to future generations? Has there been a time you’ve decided to stick with it even though part of you wants to walk away?
I know VERY well that our girls are watching our marriage and it will affect how they feel about marriage.  I see that in our own marriage.   Scott and I both react and behave based upon what we have seen in our own parents - good or bad.  I want to model a healthy marriage for my girls.  We fight just like other couples and I want them to see that so they can see us also work it out and that things don't just fall apart because you disagree.  
And yes - there have been moments I've thought - I don't want to be married to you one more second. Those moments don't come often but we have had low points.  We have had times where we just weren't in sync and communication was WAY off and I didn't really like Scott very much.  But love and marriage are work.  I'm in it for life.  And for every low moment - we have had so many more wonderful moments and I can't imagine being married to anyone else. 
19. When you look at your spouse, what do you see? What are the qualities he has that you value even though you may have not even realized when you first married him?
I am super high strung and rash in making decisions and type A.  Scott is the complete opposite of me.  He levels me out.  He is so smart and wise and thinks things through.  He is sentimental - way more than I am.  He is so much more patient than I am - especially with the girls.  He is a great judge of character.  Some of these things I knew when I married - some I am still learning.  He also is super funny and does amazing imitations of people that make me double over with laughter. 

20. Melanie uses The Antelope in the Living Room as six words that sum up her marriage. What are six words you’d use to describe your marriage? Do those six words change depending on the day?
My six words would be:
Opposites attract and I'm so glad. 

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