Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Club

We are continuing our discussion on "The Antelope in the Living Room" by Melanie Shankle.  I think this has been a fun book to discuss.

On top of answering the questions for the week - I want you to also list any questions you might have for Melanie about the book or marriage and I will have her answer via video in the next week or two!

This week we are on chapters 13 -16.  Melanie is discussing shopping with your spouse (which is something I can NOT do), having kids, Perry's love of the outdoors (and her non love for it), and my personal favorite chapter on Perry stockpiling (or what I would call "the reason I never let Scott go to the store").

11. What was the worst home improvement challenge you’ve ever taken on? Was it worth it in the long run?
I know better than to take on any home improvement challenge's.  ha! I think our biggest thing has been hanging drapes or pictures together.  It's always stressful because Scott is a perfectionist.  I would just hammer a nail in the wall and call it done but he has to measure every last inch and it drives me nuts. 
12. Do you agree that it’s sometimes our job to be our spouse’s cheerleader? When was a time that you encouraged your husband or helped them through something they were going through?
I DO think it's important to cheer our husbands on.  I try to encourage him in his work and let him know that what he does is important and how much I appreciate how hard he works for us.  

13. How did having your first child affect your marriage? Did it change the dynamic in ways you weren’t expecting?
I can't imagine our life without kids or barely remember it without them.  BUT having kids did change our marriage.  Obviously just in small ways - we do things differently.  We aren't as free and can't just do whatever we want.  I would say having two kids was more of a strain for us than just having one.  It was just more to juggle and more work.  But it's SO worth it. 

Excited to hear your discussion! 

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