Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Extravaganza

Scott, Steve and Scott's dad had their annual spring weekend to work on their hunting land and eat fried chicken.  I would have been sad Scott was gone but the girls and I were super busy.  By Saturday night, I was exhausted but we had a lot of fun.  

We kicked it off Friday night with a birthday party.  Harper has four little boys in her class at church who all turned five within a week of each other.   Jordan had a minion party Friday night.  It was so fun.  We never got a picture with the birthday boy.  It was a room full of rowdy boys and they played and ate pizza.  
This is my girls' favorite little boy Elijah.  They LOVE him.  I feel like this would be what our family looks like if we had a boy.  

Another picture but I had to add one of Harper's friend Madeline in her minion hat.  She was so cute! 

 Saturday morning the girls and I did Race for the Cure in honor of my friend Jenn who beat breast cancer this year.  This is my girls and Jenn's girls.  They are sweet friends.  

Yes - she's three and she has a boyfriend.  We are keeping our eyes on this girl.  

Jenn had the cutest shirts made for the walk.  There was a big group of us who walked to honor her.  

So proud of this girl.  She's so brave and so fun.  
And her hair coming in is awesome! 

Saturday afternoon we went to a Science party for our friend Brandon.  

This was a BLAST.  There is a "science guy" who came and did all kinds of experiments with the kids.  There were a ton of kids ages 3-5 there and they all sat still for about 2 hours watching him.  Even the parents loved it and got in on the fun.  

The science men even made cotton candy.  What's not to love? 

Sunday morning the girls sang in church.  

Hollis is really too young to be in preschool choir but she LOVES to sing and knew the songs and since I help with choir - I started letting her come to practice with me and she did so great I thought I would let her sing with the kids.  I was really nervous but she did amazing! And so did Harper.  All the kids were so cute. 

 I'm so proud of these sweet girls. 
Little girls in pastels. 

We had a great weekend.  But sadly it ended on a bad note with the terrible tornados in central Arkansas.  Tornado's are so scary.  I'm so sad for all those who lost their homes but more for the families who lost loved ones.  There was a family with 9 children who lost the dad and two of the kids.   I know there were at least two other small children who died.  Just keep them in your prayers.  I know storms continue to hit Tennessee and Mississippi.  Pray for all of those in the paths and after math.  

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