Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some announcements and a Lisa Leonard Giveaway

It's bullet point day on the blog because I just need to make a few announcements.  Stay tuned to the end because there is something special at the end of this post!

*   Tomorrow's SUYL is going to be a fun one.  It's "Show us your BIGGEST decorating Challenge." Post pictures of an area in your house you are having trouble with, maybe share any ideas you have and then I hope you will visit the blogs and offer any advice you might have.  Sometimes it just takes a new point of view to help!!!! I think this will be a fun interactive time for all of us!


The "American Blogger" movie is out!! You can download on  
I watched it twice and I thought it was very interesting.  If you are interested in blogging or like blogging - I think you will like it.  It's very well done.  I'm in there a few times.  I look DREADFUL. (This is not me fishing for compliments - this is me saying - YIKES - seeing your self on screen is scary).  But my girls are cute in it! 

*  I need to post winners for a few recent give aways:
Cari Lamb - you won the Aqua Spa Give away 
Julia Crossman - you won the Buyamba sandal give away 

I will email you both! 


Lisa Leonard is someone I adore and I also adore her jewelry!!! 

She has a new Mother's collection that would be perfect for gifts for Mother's day or for birthdays. 
You can look at all of her beautiful pieces on  {You can enter "momlove" and get 25% off your order today!}

And Lisa is so generous - she wants to offer TWO of you a $50 gift certificate!!! You can use it for yourself or for a loved one! 

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