Friday, April 25, 2014

Show us your Biggest Design Challenge

Today is a great day to post a room or area in your house where you need some design help.  Tell us about why you need help and show us pictures.  Then maybe a fresh set of eyes can help you get ideas!!! Visit some of the blogs linked up and see if you can give advice!

We have lived in our house for almost 10 years and except for the girls' rooms pretty much everything has been exactly like we fixed it 10 years ago.  And I'm happy and content for the most part but I would LOVE to redecorate pretty much the whole house.

But I need a decorator to help me.

And I need to win the lottery. 

So I'm hoping in the next year or so to start a "decorating fund" and maybe I can start working on projects eventually.  

One thing I would really love to change is our dining room.  Scott's parents bought us this set as a wedding present and I want to always have the table and pass down to the girls. I love our table and I like the chairs but I feel like it's maybe outdated and just needs a fresh look.  

I would like to get a bench seat like this and then maybe 4 -6 smaller chairs to go around.  

And maybe a neutral rug for under the table and fresh drapes for the window.  

This is kind of the look I'm wanting to go for?   The one thing I wouldn't know what to do is the big wall behind the table.  I have those botanical prints but think it needs something different........any suggestions....especially if I go with this neutral look? I'm thinking maybe just one GIGANTIC painting? I have no idea.

I'm curious to see your biggest design challenges........... (I could share all my rooms with you but I will just start with this one.)

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