Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Fever

Our spring break is here! I'm excited for a week of no alarms and no schedule! 

And we have kicked it off with some fun! 

Friday afternoon I took the girls for their first round of Putt Putt golf! Kids 5 and under are free so it was Cheap fun! It was supposed to be a warm and sunny day but it was kind of cold and windy.  But we still had a great time.  And even had a snow cone afterwards.  

Today Scott and I took the girls to lunch and a movie! 

We just got a new Chilpote in town.  YUM! We tried it out first and even spotted the Razorbacks football coach, Coach Bielema.  I wanted to take a picture with him so bad but Scott was too mortified.  And I was too. 

We went to see the Lego movie 

This is what Hollis thought of the movie. 

I was almost right behind her.

But Harper liked it. 

It was a nice day so we got a lot of outside play this afternoon.  We played outside yesterday  - until after dark.  It was fun just being outside and visiting with our neighbors.  

And I have to share Harper's newest ear molds - Glittery GOLD! She picked them out herself.  Aren't they fun? Harper is SO proud of them!  

Happy Spring! 

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