Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Scott

Today is Scott's birthday!!! 

I invited Laurie and Steve and girls over for dinner to celebrate with us.  We had fajitas and sides and dessert! 

Of course the girls immediately want to dress up the minute they get here.  

Every time. 

Elsa and Anna

After dinner, the girls put on a "show" and each performed a song for us.  So funny. 

Scott had requested a cake from Sam's and we were given a cake by a friend.  

So if anyone wants to come over this week for cake.........just let me know.  

We are so lucky to have these two as our best friends.  But really they are more like our family.  

We almost got a piñata for a party game but instead we just played "pin the party hat on Steve".  Scott likes to give Steve a hard time constantly.  He wanted me to make a donkey and put Steve's head on it but I came up with a nicer alternative.  The girls each colored the party hats for us.  

It was a fun night.  

Happy birthday Scott - I love you more than you will ever know! 

Scott still has a few years before I get to throw him a 40th birthday.  I robbed the cradle and he never lets me forget that I'm the old one in this home.  :-) 

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