Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Hollis

Hollis - today you are THREE years old!!!!!! 

It seems like just yesterday we were checking into the hospital holding our breath that you would be healthy and wondering what you would be like.  I wondered if you would look just like Harper and what your personality would be.

You were an easy baby.  We have been so crazy about you from the beginning.  

You came out with a big dimple in your cheek and a sparkle in your eye.  

You always look like you are up to something and you usually are. 

Your big sister adores you.  And you love her.  You imitate everything she does.  You usually play with Harper and her friends and are often the youngest of every group but you keep up just like you are one of the "big girls".  It tickles me to watch you play. 

You are very smart.  You remember lyrics to songs that just amaze me.  You basically taught yourself the ABC's and are starting to even write your name.   You LOVE school.  You would go every day if I let you.  Ms. Karen and Mrs. Vonda are your teachers and you are crazy about them.  You talk about them constantly.  

 You love to go to church and be with your friends.  You have lots of little friends that you love.  Your besties are Kamryn, Lela, Eden, Kampbell, Whitley and Joseph.  You tag along to speech therapy a lot of hours each week and never complain.  You just run into waiting rooms and are always content to play while Harper is in therapy.

You are the slowest eater known to human kind.  I call you "Pap-Pa" because you eat as slow as my pap-pa used to.  Everyone can leave a table and you will still be eating 30 minutes later.  You are a pretty good eater and not super picky.

You are quiet and shy around most people.  If anyone speaks to you  - you will flash the sweetest smile and try to hide behind me.  But what most people may not know is you are HILARIOUS.  You make me laugh harder than almost anyone.  I hope there will be many people in your life who will get to know you and see how funny you are.

You are getting so big.  I just can't believe you are three! You are wearing a size 3T and sometimes 4T and a size 10 shoe.  You are just ALMOST potty trained.  We have taken our time but you have just made up your mind to do it recently.  You love to play outside and ride your bike and scooter.  You LOVE baby dolls and anything princess or barbie.  You love music.  You DEMAND certain music in the car.  You also DEMAND me to sing "five songs" every night before bed.

You are very particular about things.  You like your blankets a certain way. You have to make sure all doors are shut.  You like things to be neat.  You love to carry purses and fill them with all kinds of "treasures".   You like to draw and paint.  Your favorite color is pink.  Your favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty.  Your favorite movie is Frozen.  You love Minnie Mouse and Princess Sophia.

Our family at your first, second and third birthday parties.  We love celebrating you.

You have brought so much joy and spunk and laughter to our lives.  I can't imagine my life without you.  I love you more than words could ever possibly say.

Happy 3rd birthday Baby Bug!

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