Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Different but the Same

Two sweet sisters.

So much alike.  They have the same funny personality.  They love the same foods.  They have similar noses.

But they are also very different.  Harper has never met a stranger.  Hollis is shy and quiet. Harper loves Barbies and movies.  Hollis likes baby dolls.

It's the differences that make them special.

My best friends.

They are all similar in many ways.  They are wives, mothers, Christians.

But they are also very different.  Different ages, different backgrounds, different family sizes, different work choices and different personalities.

And it's why I love them each uniquely.

 I embrace the differences and appreciate how their different view points both challenge and sharpen me.  

I've been thinking lately how differences make people afraid or angry.

I'm NOT talking religious or political differences.  Not the BIG stuff.

I mean the small stuff.

And I'm pointing at myself first.

 I mean just opinions on every day things or choices on how to raise your kids.  Cultural differences that you might not understand.  Behavior choices that often stem from how people were raised.

It's easy to get angry when someone doesn't see eye to eye with you. Or if they choose to do things differently than you.  Or if they look different than you.

Why does it bother us so much when people are not the same as us?

Why do we care?

I'll be the first to admit I get annoyed when people don't do things exactly like I do.  And that's CRAZINESS.  And something I'm working to change.

I'm worrying about myself.  And my family.

What about you?

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