Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sing Loud, Sing Strong

Friday afternoon, I met some of my friends to take our kids to see "Frozen Sing Along".  Which is basically the movie but they put the words on the screen and you are encouraged to sing along.  My girls can't read yet but they already know all the words to every song thanks to the soundtrack and want to listen to it 24/7 so I knew they would love this! 
It was a lot of fun because it was mostly just us in the theatre (there are about 4 kids missing from this picture) and so we sang and could spread out our kids and didn't worry about annoying anyone.

Saturday we were ready for an outing so we went to Lowe's and then for an early lunch at Chuy's.  (Take note I'm wearing a scarf.  I branched out.  I also felt weird.)  It was so good.  We came home for naps and rest time on a cold, cold day after that.

Saturday night our church had a Night of Worship for our youth girls.  They had a dinner and a worship service and then they got to watch a movie.  During the movie - my friend Tracy put on a coffee bar.  She teamed up with a local coffee shop and was able to make frozen coffee drinks plus hot chocolate and coffee.  
I helped with this and it was SO much fun.  Although I would make a TERRIBLE barrista.  Also - it's so funny to me how coffee is such a thing with teenagers.  I don't remember any of my friends in high school OR college really ever drinking coffee.  But Starbucks and Coffee Shops weren't really a thing until I was in my 20's.  

It was fun for me to be with youth for a little bit because I spend most of my days in preschool land.  I helped with 3 yr old Sunday School this morning and this afternoon will help with preschool choir.  I love it.  I also love to look at the moms of teenagers and realize they were in my shoes just a few years ago and one day - we will have teenagers running off to girls nights at church.  It's so crazy to imagine but I know it's coming.  

I was looking for a neat Nativity this year that my girls would love but I never really found one. My friend Megan is selling several really neat sets and you can get 10% off through 5 p.m. TODAY (Sunday).   They won't ship until Summer but you will have it ready to go for next year and can be a heirloom for your family!  Check them out here:

I also spent every moment I could this weekend watching the If Gathering on live stream. I was lucky to have been to a leadership retreat for this back in September and got to know most of the women who spoke or sang and I wanted so badly to have gone this weekend but I try not to be gone too much and I have several other things going on later so I was so thankful to watch online.  You can still watch the sessions here - they were amazing! (Until Midnight Monday).

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