Friday, February 07, 2014

Four on Friday

Here is a little FOUR on Friday for you.

We will start back with SUYL NEXT FRIDAY!!!!! Why not start on Valentines, right?  Full list coming this weekend so get ready!!!!

1.   My friend Jenn brought her girls over to play Wednesday because we were out of school and had been snowed in for days and it was little Claire's 4th birthday and she needed to be with friends!! So she brought pizza and cupcakes and we had a little mini party.  It was so fun.   The Stamps girls know the importance of the 3 F's: Friends, Fellowship and Food!  {and we still have snow but school is back in today! We were all glad to get back to a routine!}

2.  If you live in NWA - I am speaking at Cross Church in Rogers on Tuesday the 18th.   It's a little gathering for women and I would LOVE for you to come!!! You can register at  You don't have to be a MOM to come!!! And they will have dinner for $8 if you are hungry! :-) 

 3.  I was looking back for old pictures on "Throw Back Thursday" and I really realize that Scott and I have little Mini Me's.  Hollis and I even have the same bangs.

4.  I write a monthly article for Celebrate Arkansas and I was so thrilled that this month they let me do a feature on my friend Janet.  I had a lot of her best friends help me with it.  I thought you might like to read it since I've talked so much about her.   We were able to surprise her family with it! I was hoping it would really honor her and I think they were happy! 

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