Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Follies

Have ya'll had a good weekend?  We haven't had a particularly eventful one but it was nice!!! 

Friday night we had Parents Night Out at our church which I was immensely excited about.  This has been re-scheduled twice since December because of snow.  I took this before I went - I had a new top/tunic from Riffraff that I was excited about.  I tried to take a picture on our date but Scott is not a fan of the selfie.  ha!  (Trust me - I know selfies are gooberish. )We ended up going to P F Chang and so did Laurie and Steve so we just had a double date and it was really fun! 

My mom got the girls these little ruffled sweat suits.  They were perfect for Saturday.  We had a day of the gym and cleaning and playing outside.  We were all in our sweat suits.  The girls insist on wearing their hoods when they have these on.  Ganstas. 

Today we had church and went to lunch and then soon after went to a birthday party for our friend Amelia.  The H's were over dressed for the party but we went right back to church afterwards and I didn't want to have to go through another set of clothes.  They didn't care.  They ran around and got sweaty and had the BEST time playing!

Hollis had so much fun!

I stole this from my friend Amanda's IG - her little Amelia was the birthday girl and my two monkeys in their party hats! 

Preschool choir started back tonight and then we had church afterwards.  It was a full day.  Sundays are my favorite days! 

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