Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Day

Harper had a great birthday! 

We are having her friend party next weekend and she is SOOOOOOOO excited about it.  It's all she has talked about for probably 3 months - where to have it and who to invite.  My parents are going to be in Florida for a pastor's conference and will miss the party but they came over today to spend the day with her and that made it special for her! 

I feel like all I have talked about this week is Harper but little sister will get her day in the sun 2 months from now when she turns 3.  I had to keep reminding her that her birthday is coming.  Especially when Harper was getting presents and attention. 

We all drove over to meet Daddy for lunch at the Wooden Spoon.  We had the best lunch.  They have amazing desserts and I shared a chocolate chip pie with the girls and I'm still bitter 12 hours later that I didn't just get them their own dessert.  They were like little vacuums sucking up every bite of the pie.  It was SO delicious and I didn't get much of it.  Which was probably for the best.

We came home and Harper opened up gifts from my parents and Aunt Linda.  And a little later the UPS man brought gifts from her Uncle and Aunt and cousin.  Perfect timing. 

My parents left and we spent our normal afternoon in speech therapy.

Tonight we just had Taco Thursday at home and then cupcakes from Walmart.  It wasn't fancy but it was fun.   Every time we would tell Harper happy birthday or sing to her or someone else would call to tell her Happy birthday she would say "Really? Why does everyone keep celebrating me?" ha!

Such a sweet day for a sweet girl.

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