Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Lunch, Hair Dye and Christmas Cheer

Our women's ministry gives us a free Mother's Day Out every year at Christmas.  It's such a gift!!! The girls were excited to go play with their friends today!  I let Harper wear a sparkly outfit today (her top is from Wal-Mart - how cute is it?) and she said "I look Awesome Beautiful".   I hope she thinks that about herself every day of her life! 
{And when I picked her up she said "Everyone thought I looked Pretty and awesome pretty" ha ha ha}
{And all I preach to her all the time is how it's more important to be kind than pretty. But I want her to know she's beautiful at the same time.}

I had a couple of things scheduled for today but they all got cancelled so I called Laurie last minute and asked her to eat lunch with me at a new restaurant in town! Mexican food, of course! It was delicious! 

I got my horrid gray roots taken care of tonight.  I decided to skip bangs and a bob for now.  :-) Maybe in the spring........

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house. 

Don't forget NEXT Friday will be the Christmas tour of homes!! You will want to link up! 

I'm thinking that we might could do a fun Instagram tour also that day for any of you who maybe don't blog but do have IG.  We could have a fun hashtag and then you could look at everyone's pics? 

Anyone want to come up with a fun hashtag? 

And if you live in NW AR - I wrote an article in this month's "Celebrate Arkansas" all about fun things to do in the area during this festive month! You will have to check it out! (Page 126)

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