Thursday, December 05, 2013

Instagram and Blog Christmas Tours!


Yeay! I love the Idea of the Instagram Home Tour.

Next Friday (or anytime over the weekend) - Post any pictures you have of Holiday decorations and use the hashtag


so we can all look at each other's pics!!! This could be SO fun!!!!! Thank you to Kathryn Faircloth for the name.  I liked all the names you came up with but didn't really want my name or blog in the name.  This is for all of us!!!! :-)

{I'm here on IG if you want to find me! I will post on there the details too!}

And we will be doing the good Old Fashioned Christmas Blog Tour of Homes here as well next Friday so link up if you have a blog post!!!!

We are having a big ice/snow storm right now.  All of our schools are cancelled and everything is pretty much shut down.  I hit the grocery store yesterday and I've heard they are all wiped out.  (This isn't the girls today.  Today we are in PJ's and unbrushed hair and house shoes.  This was preschool yesterday).  So we are enjoying being snowed in.  (Kind of.  I like it for a little bit but if you have two small children and are being honest - being snowed in isn't the most pleasurable thing after about a day.)

I made a new little sign for my favorite Christmas decoration.  And I got a few cards in the mail yesterday from my speedy friends! I'm so ready for my Christmas Card Tree to fill up.  My girls love to stand and look at all the pictures and so do I.  This tree makes me so happy, happy, happy.

I hope you are warm wherever you are today! Have a great day!

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