Thursday, October 03, 2013


I've been kind of dwelling on some thoughts the last few weeks.

There are so many people out there who are dreaming "BIG" and doing "BIG" things for their faith.  And I'm so thankful for them.  I love Beth Moore, Francis Chan, Louis Giglio, Matt Chandler, Chris Tomlin, David Platt and all of those who are leading in major ways.  Thank goodness for them - they are impacting so many lives daily.  God has given them specific talents to do what they are doing.  And they have had a HUGE impact on mine.

And in a crazy way - I've been able to get to know some "Christian Celebrities" and while I can be a little awestruck - I have also learned they are just people.  Just people trying to follow their callings and glorify God.

(And this isn't a post about NOT trying to do something big if that's what God had called you to - I just want to encourage you that if your calling seems "small" - that is an important thing too!! It matters).

And it's easy to feel a little defeated.  It's easy to think "No one cares what I think".  "No one reads my blog".  "I'm not writing Bible Studies or speaking at big events - I'm not doing anything big for the kingdom".

I hear from a lot of you all the time who want to know how to grow your blog or get involved in different ways.  And I LOVE that! I think you should dream big.

But my heart has been overwhelmed lately with how in a world of social media - we all want to be important but some of the people who have inspired me the most in my faith are not known.  Only their circle of people know them.  Their names will never be on a billboard or on a by-line but God has them written in BIG LETTERS in His book I'm sure of it.

I think of the man who has driven the bus for a bus ministry for 25 years and takes kids to church when their families won't.  Do you know how many amazing Christian adults I know who were saved as kids thanks to the bus ministry? FAITHFUL

I think of the woman who has taught 4 year old Sunday School for 15 years. That is NOT an easy job. Year after year making lesson plans for kids who would rather spin in a circle than listen to you but sometimes a Bible story seeps in their little brains and she is planting seeds.  FAITHFUL

I think of the women at church who prepare meals for people who have lost loved ones. Or are sick. It's a lot of work but it brings comfort to a family who is grieving their loss.  FAITHFUL

I think of an amazing lady I know who constantly visits the sick at home or at the hospital.  She checks in on people who just need a friendly face.  She is the first to take a meal when someone is sick.  She is just behind the scenes working hard to comfort those around her.  FAITHFUL

I think of nursery workers.  The sweet women who hold babies and change diapers each week so young mothers can sit in church in peace.  They are unsung heros.  They are ministering in a way that is so important but no one is calling out their name from the pulpit.  FAITHFUL

I think of the couple who quietly give money above and beyond their tithes at church so buildings can be built or youth can go to camp or people can go on mission trips.  They don't want recognition.  They give because they feel blessed and their hearts long to share.  FAITHFUL

I think of moms who are home in the trenches every day with small kids.  You are wearing yoga pants and can't remember the last time you went on a date with your husband.  Discipline is HARD and the day to day is monotonous.  But you are raising your kids to be amazing adults. You are pouring into their little lives and shaping them into people who might do BIG things.  You don't get a lot of appreciation but what you are doing is the most important thing of all.  FAITHFUL.

Maybe you feel defeated like what you are doing doesn't matter.  God can use you in the small ways that no one sees and it brings Him just as much glory as if you were on a stage in front of 50,000.  Never think that what you are doing for the kingdom doesn't matter.  Keep being faithful for what HE has called you to and keep your blinders on to what the rest of the world is doing.  You aren't them.  And they aren't you.  And that's okay.

Little is Much when God is in it! 

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