Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A bunch of Awesome stuff

I have just a whole bunch of awesome stuff to share with you and a great giveaway!!!! So hang with's a lot of stuff but things I want you to know! {And you want to make it to the end!}

1.  A couple of weeks ago I went to Austin to be with a group of women who I consider World Changers.......bloggers, writers, speakers. {NO IDEA how I would up there. I have never felt more intimidated or insignificant - not because anyone made me feel that way - just because I felt small in comparison. And I was okay with that. } These women also were on all ends of the spectrum of Christianity - different regions, theologies, experiences.  And we experienced something so special - true, amazing worship. It's hard to explain.  We prayed about the If Gathering that God has given Jennie Allen a vision for.  And as we talked, things changed.........and this is what came out of it.  We have a prayer that women everywhere will unite through whatever differences to share the cause of Christ.  You can be involved - without going anywhere - please check it out!

If : Gathering - The Bigger Vision from If Gathering on Vimeo.  {Read More}

2.  I want to invite you to a special event this weekend at my church (assuming you live near here!)

3.   I had my first feature in Celebrate Magazine in this month's issue - out in stores now! You can check it out online!!!  (Page 86-87)  If you live in Arkansas (or wish you did or used to) - you should look into a subscription.

4.  And finally.........................

So excited about this! 

Any of you Point of Grace fans??? Like from the beginning? And this is also for all my OBU friends! 

When POG started (At Ouachita!! ), they had 4 members.  They are still going today but about 9 years ago, they lost 2 of their members who decided to quit the music business for a while to be with their families.  One of those members is Terry Jones.  I was a freshman at OBU during Terry's last semester at OBU.  I remember talking to her at an EEE rush party and she was so so sweet! She also has a beautiful voice!  She was homecoming queen and Miss OBU while at school! She's now a wife and mother of three and lives here in Arkansas. 

After 9 years out of music, she is coming back for a solo album and she has written almost all the music herself.  She worked a lot with Nathan Nockels (Christy's husband) on recording this album.   Y'all - it is so good. I am such a fan of Terry's.  And you will be too!

It debuts October 26 but you can pre-order on itunes now!

AND I have 5 copies to give away!!!!!!!!!

 To win - enter the rafflecopter and like Terry's Facebook, twitter and/or leave a comment! I will draw the winners Friday night!

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