Thursday, September 05, 2013

What's Going On Around Here

Tuesday our women's ministry Bible study started back up.  It's my favorite thing I'm apart of.  I've missed it over the last 4 months.  I love being with a group of women and learning more about God and sharing what He has done in our lives.  It's such an uplifting part of my week.
{This is the Bible my dad used when he performed our wedding ceremony and then he gave it to Scott as we walked down the aisle.  Ten years later and it's still my favorite Bible.}

 Harper has done so great from her surgery.  She only has trouble at night.  She has been sleeping with us so I can be with her and she wakes up every few hours and she will just be hysterical.  You can't calm her down.  It's like night terrors and pain all in one.  So that's pleasant.  But during the day, she has been great.  I wasn't going to send her to school this week but she seemed to be ready.  She did great until after lunch and then went kind of downhill.  So we came home and rested.

We started AWANA last night (that's a program for kids at church where they learn scripture and they rotate rooms and have a Bible story, games, music, crafts and everything is centered on the verse for the week.)  This is Harper's first year and my first year to work.  I really really loved working in it.  I'm with the "cubbies" or preschoolers and it's fun to see their little faces and hear them say their verses.  Harper didn't go last night because she didn't feel up to it but she is going to LOVE it.

Harper has been really working on writing all her letters.  She can write our names pretty well (except she leaves out the occasional R in her name. ha!)  The other day she wrote her first word that we didn't prompt.  Can you guess what it was?



I'm not sure what to say about that.

We looked over and she had written Sonic. I died.  And forgot to take a picture.  So later she wrote "Louis".  I have no idea why.  The only Louis we know is  a guy I used to work for before she was born.  I texted him and had to show him.

Harper is in speech therapy four times a week this year (vs the once a week we had been doing).  It's a lot but we want her to be as ready for kindergarten as possible.  And it's made SUCH a world of difference. And she loves it.  I'm thankful for it.  But that leaves a lot of time I am sitting and entertaining Hollis while we do speech and Hollis is pretty much not going to get any naps this year.  Poor little sister - she is a good sport to just go along with what we need to do.   We just started speech with the local school system this week as well as our private therapy.

This is kind of how we all feel about wal-mart trips. ha! The one happy today was all the fall stuff that was out.  Oh I love this time of year so much! 

And that's what has been going on around here. 

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