Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A dream is a wish your heart makes


I was thinking about this the other day.

If I had 3 wishes (completely superficial wishes) - what would they be?

And clearly I would wish for health, wealth, world peace, hunger to end, everyone to know Jesus, safety of my family, etc........


1.  I would wish for better feet (y'all just don't know how bad mine are)

2.  I would wish for better handwriting (I have chicken scratch)

3. I would wish for my hair not to be gray (The gray roots just do me in - they pop up approximately 6 days after I get my hair colored.)

If I had any alternate wishes it would obviously be

4. That I could eat whatever I wanted all day long and weigh 110 lbs with a muscular frame.

5. That I could live on the beach and yet somehow still experience fall each year. :-)  (If you know of any beaches that have trees that change color and crisp, fall weather but then go warm again in the winter - call me.)

What would your wishes be?

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