Thursday, August 29, 2013

Show us Your Life - Cleaning Tips

I'm putting this link up a little early because I have another post to get up tomorrow afternoon.  Plus - I need all the cleaning help I can get.

I know a lot of your cleaning tips are "hire some cleaning help".  But not everyone can do that. I have had help before when I worked and when I was pregnant but not now and we are on the go SOOOOO much this fall - I'm a little stressed about keeping our house clean.

My normal plan is to clean one room a day.  I like to break it up so it doesn't seem SO big.  I also try to do at least one load of laundry a day and I always clean the kitchen - usually at least twice a day.  I can't stand dishes in my sink.  I also make all beds every morning first thing and work all day at keeping the house "picked up."

You could probably drop in on me just about any time and my house would look fairly clean but I will always feel like it's dirty.  I could clean every day and I would never feel like it was clean enough......does anyone else have this problem.

Plus - being home with little kids - let's be honest. It's like trying to keep the sand neat when the tide is coming in, right?

I've said this a million times and never gone there ......but I'm thinking of signing up for and see if that can get me organized.  It's worth a shot. Or maybe I will read some of your tips and get better ideas!

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