Thursday, August 08, 2013

Rain and New Shoes

We have been having a pretty low key week.  It's rained a lot this week.  Which is so weird. I'm NOT complaining - I'm sooooo thankful for the rain and cooler weather. 

But it NEVER rains in August.  Usually everything is burnt up.  I read somewhere it rained more last night than in the entire normal month of August. 

Here we are at the doctor Monday.  Just a check up on Hollis.  Her lump is still there but almost certain it's just a bacteria.   She should be completely fine!

I did get my hair done yesterday which is always like a mom vacation.  I absolutely adore the girl who does my hair. She's so sweet and we have so much in common that I love getting to visit with her! 

We bought Harper her first pair of soccer shoes yesterday.  She was thrilled.  She starts soccer in a few weeks and she is SOOOOO excited. She tells everyone she sees. And I mean EVERYONE - people at Wal-Mart, people who work at the gym, and everyone at church.  She has been practicing in our yard - I have a feeling she may be a soccer star. 
Or she may get my un-athletic genes - I guess we will find out. 

And I got Hollis her first pair of Cowboy boots.  Won't she be adorable this fall with some cute outfits?
I had found some I loved but whoo boy - toddler cowboy boots are expensive! So I found these on ebay.  I'm getting some for Harper too! They are SOOO excited. Hollis wore these all night. 

I took this of Harper yesterday and she looks so old to me.  
I hope that sparkle always stays in her eye. 

I'm headed to a baby shower tonight.  I'm excited for a little time with friends to eat and visit.  Great way to wind up my week! 

I hope your week is amazing!!!!!!! 

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