Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Ode to Okra

Okra is my favorite vegetable.

OH I love it.

I wish I would just grow some in my back yard.  They NEVER have it at our local grocery store and I can get it at the farmer's market but I'm not great at getting there on Saturday mornings.

One of my favorite things is Pickled Okra. I feel like a good salad is never complete without some. :-)

Here are a few ways I like okra.

I love this as a side dish.  It's so good and not as bad as Fried Okra (the best way to eat okra):

(Some times I make a simple version of this and just pan cook okra with a can of diced tomatoes and some Zatarain seasoning.  Delicious and low fat)

(This is one of my favorite southern cookbooks - from the Monroe, LA Junior League)

If I wanted to share any more gumbo recipes - they need to come from here! 

Fried Okra:

All you need is Okra, Cornmeal and salt and pepper

Wash and cut okra in 1 in pieces or use very small whole okra.  S&P liberally.  Shake the okra in cornmeal which has been seasoned.  Fry in deep fat until golden and crisp.  Drain and serve with a meal.  

And of course one thing I love more than anything is a good Gumbo with okra.

And my friend Hillary's mom makes a Fried Cornbread Salad that I'm DYING to make some day soon! Like maybe this weekend - anyone want to come to dinner?


And have you ever been to Fresh Market or Whole Foods and bought Okra Chips????? They are SOOOOOO good but the price is ridiculous.  I just found this recipe. I haven't tried it yet but I'm planning on it soon - you might want to try this out if you like these like I do.

Anyone have a good Okra recipe you want to share???????

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