Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Some little house tweaks

And I was on a search for a Sunburst mirror to go above my bed.  Well - I found one that I loved at Kirkland's! (and thank you - SO MANY of you sent me ideas!!!!)

Only in the mean time - I decided to do something above my bed and my mantle has been needing a change desperately.  So I put the mirror up there and I LOVE LOVE how it looks.

 I just love sunburst mirrors! 

This is how my mantle looked before - and also when we had a baby. ha! 
 This is how my bedroom started out. 
 We had the room painted and painted the furniture.  
 And this is our room now.  I found new throw pillows at T J Maxx.  And I decided to put big frames above the bed.  I'm in LOVE.  I still have to fill the middle frame with a picture.  I'm waiting on the perfect one. 
NOW - I know that a lot of people say not to put big pictures of your kids in the bedroom.  I have a friend who has this amazing bedroom and she has all these awesome pictures of her husband and her framed all in the room.  VERY romantic.  I love it - but I think Scott and I would just feel crazy to have big pictures of us in the room.  I love having my babies on the wall. 

The best part - I got these HUGE frames from HERE.  So cheap for how huge they are.  They come plain - I painted them white and got glass at Hobby Lobby.  These are 16 x 20.  I'm wanting to get more for other parts of the house. 
Before and After.
I'm so happy with the changes. 

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