Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Big D

This weekend we made a little family trip to Dallas.  

I spent a big part of my childhood living in Texas and I think I will always have a lot of Texas in me! 

Our first stop on Friday was for burgers at In and Out.  Animal Style. Yum. 

 Scott is a big Dallas Cowboys fan so for father's day I decided to buy us a tour of the stadium.  We haven't been to a game to the new stadium so it was neat to finally go and see the amazing stadium.
These little sweeties think all football teams are the Razorbacks. Hollis kept calling the Hogs. (That's my girl)  
 We got to go on the field and walk all around. 
 My stars
 Scott was in his happy place
 Cowboy stadium is So pretty! 
 Walking back to the locker rooms - I was doing my best cheerleader impression. 
 I was the little girl who always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.  And I LOVE watching the show on CMT.  Tell me you watch.  So it was SO fun to get to tour the locker room. 
 My future cheerleaders.  
Or teachers.
Or engineers. 
Or doctors. 
 Scott got to try on the uniform in the football locker room. 

 Scott is trying to think of a better game plan for the cowboys next year. 
 And this is how he would feel on the bench after a loss. ha! 
 The main reason we went to Dallas this weekend was my niece was having her first birthday. (I don't ever mention my niece on here or show pictures because not everyone wants to have their family on a public blog and that is SUPER SUPER understandable so I respect their privacy - but we love them and were so happy to be with them!)

The party was at a park. My girls had fun playing and eating cupcakes!
Dallas is always hot in the summer but it was SUPER hot this weekend.  We all look sweaty in all of our pictures.  Thankfully we are having a cool down here this week. It's only going to be in the high 70's/low 80's.  I'm in heaven!

We had a lot of fun things we wanted to do this weekend but it was so hot and the girls weren't napping and were tired so ended up swimming Saturday afternoon and just resting and went for an EXTREMELY early dinner at Pappasito's.  You can't go to Texas without a little Tex Mex. 

 We had donuts this morning before leaving town. 

{All you Paleo/clean eaters just ignore this post. I know I'm probably putting you over the edge. Hey - it was vacation!} ha! 

We went to visit my grandmother and my aunt and uncle this morning before we left town.  My grandmother looked so good and it is always special for me to take my girls to see her.  

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