Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Time: A New Movement for Our Generation

Every since the moment I became pregnant with my girls - I have prayed over them constantly "Lord - give them a passion for you! Let them be used by you to do mighty things".

But what about me? What about my generation? Are we doing mighty things for God with a passion for Him?

I have sat back and watched and been amazed at the Passion movement among college students. I am so refreshed to see these young kids so on fire for God and for making a difference for Him in the world.

But what about us? What about our generation?

I have such a passion for women and women's ministry.  And I have felt a stirring in my heart for a while now that I want to be used for God.  I wonder what I can do? I'm just a mom.  I am limited in my talents and resources.  And yet this life is so short and my true purpose here on this earth is to know God and to make Him known.  It's to share the gospel in every way I can.

If I want my girls and their children to have a passion for God and to make a difference in their world - shouldn't they learn that from what they see in me?

There are a group of AMAZING women - women you may know and recognize who have been praying and dreaming and feeling this stirring for years now.  They know people are hungry to know more about Jesus and they are praying about how to equip this generation and live lives that matter for eternal things.

Some of these women ......Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker, Angie Smith, Ann Voskamp, Lauren Chandler, Christine Caine, Lindsey Nobles, Kelly Minter, Shelly Giglio {and many others}...........have had a dream of a conference that will be a two day conference all about equipping our generation (out of college but maybe not "prime timers"......the age thing is not the big deal) to spread the gospel and to change the world.  I'm so excited about this I can't stand it! It's everything I have prayed about! They have a group of around 100 women (including me!) behind all of this  - planning and praying that God would move and help us to ignite a fire that would change the world for Him.

The IF movement will have three distinct parts:
IF: Gathering
This 2-day conference will bring women together and wrestle out how to live out the calling God has placed on our lives. Throw everything you know about “women’s conferences” out the door. This is by us, for us, like us: experiential, story-driven, tribe-building, plumbing the depths. We can hardly wait. // Austin, TX Feb. 7–8 2014
IF: Equip
We are creating a blueprint for intentional equipping – reaching women with tools that are holistic, strategic and deep. By providing easy online access to a like-minded community and relevant resources created by our tribe for our tribe, we will release women around the world to live out their purposes and advance the kingdom. We have an audacious vision to disciple the next generation.
IF: Unleash
We are a generation passionate about disparity and justice; we won’t sit idly by enjoying our advantages while the world suffers. By partnering with organizations like Food for the Hungry, coming specifically alongside women around the world, fostering relationships and utilizing our God-given gifts, we believe this movement not only transforms hearts but leaves a tangible impact on the entire world.
This is too big for us- will you please join us:
If so go put your email in here and prepare to join us February 7-8, 2014 in Austin, Texas. 
What do you think? Do you want to be apart of something BIG for the kingdom? Can we start a fire that will blaze for generations to come of our passion for our amazing God???

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