Saturday, May 11, 2013

What a Wonderful Day

A lot of nights - Harper will lay back in the bath tub when I'm bathing them and sigh and say "What a WONDERFUL day".  It makes me laugh every time.  But today was one where I'm saying the same thing.  
The girls and I went to a birthday party for our friend Kamryn today.  (I have to make a side note that I found these yellow polka dot sweaters on clearance at Target and it's the best purchase ever.  We have had such a cool spring and I have literally put these sweaters on them almost every day.  I'm shocked at how much yellow polka dots actually goes with! ha!)

I had y'all praying for Kamryn several weeks ago.  She had a series of seizures and was air flighted to AR children's.  They had a VERY scary ordeal with her.  It turned out to be febrile seizures but because they did a spinal tap - it somehow temporarily paralyzed her.  She didn't walk or stand for a week. It was so scary.  But THANKFULLY - she is fine!!!! I was so thankful today to celebrate her sweet little life today!

These three sweet little girls are nursery buddies.  They are all just a month apart.  I wanted to get a cute picture of them but they wouldn't be still and this blurry one where no one is looking is the best I got! 
Hot pink Dora cupcakes were the hit of the party! 

And they didn't get any on their outfits. I'm still amazed! 
After naptime - we took a family trip to Sam's and then Harper requested hamburgers and french fries so we made a family trip to Braum's.  
Which is ALWAYS good. 

I have to give a report on this sweet girl.

So I took the paci away Tuesday night.  I cut off the ends of the three I had left and she decided they were all "broke" and threw them away.  She cried that night before bed but it's been four days and she hasn't cried or hardly mentioned it AT ALL.  She has asked me maybe twice and both times I said "Paci is gone" and she just kind of shrugged and went on.

Y'all - it's SERIOUSLY a miracle!!!

She was SOOOO addicted to the paci and just threw fits non stop all day about it (which is why I finally decided we were pulling the plug).  I dare say she has acted a lot better without it! And her sleeping has even been a little better. 

All I'm saying is - if you are worried about taking the paci away - DON'T BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And for your Saturday entertainment...........

I was searching for some Mother's day pics today and stumbled upon this.

My 10th grade prom.

DING DING DING - I win the prize for the biggest hair of all times.

I'm serious - if you want me to do a video tutorial on how to get your hair this big - just let me know. 

(And I think this is the only picture I've ever had where I'm not smiling. I look so mean)

Also - Scott said he would NOT have asked me to prom if this is what I looked like. ha! He is a little horrified by my hair. Thank goodness I met him 12 years later. 

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