Friday, May 10, 2013

Show us Your life - Tips for Finding Jobs

Y'all - I'm so sorry - I'm so late in getting this up.  I was gone ALL DAY today and just haven't had a chance to do anything. I usually try to schedule but it's just been a crazy week.

Today is about finding jobs and tips! I had a lot of requests for this.

I've been out of the job market for a while so I'm not sure what all I can share but I'm hoping you can help those who are looking for jobs currently and give them ideas. Or share in the comments.

Also - I'm not sure what to do with SUYL right now.  I am going to do put a few new topics on but I don't know yet if I will keep it running or not. I feel like I've exhausted it but I may pop up with a few things now and then. I love giving y'all the chance to find each other. So we may have a lot of "connection" opportunities.

And I'm loving the Caffeine Chats. I think it's fun to get discussion going (even if it's a little scary at times!)

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