Tuesday, May 14, 2013



a month or so ago I got an email.  

There is a filmmaker who is planning to travel the country all summer in this:

and make a documentary all about something we love:


He wants to share the story of how blogging and social media have connected people and how people in all walks of life and all different corners of the world are blogging and sharing their stories and making connections. 

I probably would have immediately said no and hit delete.

But I happened to know this filmmaker is married to a blogger I really like - Casey Wiegand. 

Casey and her husband Chris are super artsy and free spirits. They are the parents to three beautiful children and they are pretty much the opposite of me.  I would never take off in an airstream. ha! (I know I know - never say never) But they share one thing with me - a love of Jesus and making Him known. I admire them and I knew this would be a neat opportunity.

The documentery will be on itunes and possible film festivals like Sundance, Cannes, and SXSW. It may even possibly get on HBO or in theatres. 

Chris will be coming to spend a few days with me in June or July.  I feel bad because he may be BORED TO TEARS with me.  He's going to follow a lot of bloggers from all over the place. 

I think it's going to be really neat! Chris has a real talent and I can't wait to see what he does. 

I'm a little mortified (and MAJORLY determined to lose 30 lbs before he shows up) but I am thankful for anytime God opens up a door for me and gives me a chance to share about Him.  So who knows? Blogging has been a WILD ride for me.  I know 100% it's all been about giving God glory and not about me.  

So I can't wait to share a little more in the next month or so about the filming! 

Chris and Casey with a little guy you might know - Tim Tebow! :-)

The movie is going to be called "American Blogger" and you can follow hash tag #americanblogger on instagram and twitter to see Chris in action on his trip.  His instagram is Chriswiegand. 

P.S. The comments on the last post about all of our regional differences? Oh my goodness - like my favorite post. I have been SOOO entertained. Trying to come up with a good topic to chat about next week! :-)

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