Friday, May 31, 2013

Show Us Your Life - MONOGRAM SWAP

Who doesn't love a good monogram???????

Today is a monogram swap.  So if you have items that are monogrammed that you would like to sell - post them on your blog and in the link let us know the monogram and if it's boy clothes/girl clothes/adult things, etc.

Or you can leave a comment letting know monogram or names you are looking for in used things and maybe someone will have something and can contact you!

I may put some things up later. I don't have it ready yet but I wanted to get this post up!

Happy swapping monograms!

{P.S. If you have 1 minute - will you go HERE and vote for "The Baker's Mann" for top foodie mom blog.  She is a family member by marriage and has great recipes. I'd love for her to win!!!}

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