Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friends and Grandparents

We have been keeping busy even with our footloose summer days. 

 Yesterday Sarah Kate came to play for a little bit while her mom went to a school program.  This was right after she got to her house.

And this was literally 3 minutes later.  They can't put the princess clothes on fast enough when she comes. 

My parents had been on a trip and were coming back through our town so they called and said they wanted to bring us lunch and visit.  My mom took this picture - I thought it was so sweet. 

Always so glad to see our grandparents but they didn't stay nearly long enough.
We had speech today so we swung by a donut shop for a treat before.  Scott asked me why on earth I thought it was smart to sugar up Hollis before I had to keep her quiet in the library for an hour.

He had a point. ha! 

After speech we went to play group at my friend Shelly's house.  Her house is so gorgeous and I felt SO terrible when we left. We tried to clean up but nothing will destroy your house quicker than hosting play group with 3 million preschoolers and their moms.
Hollis was apparently having a little lunch date with cutie pie Luke. 

This afternoon a sweet college girl from church came over to visit during nap time.  She is headed to Africa in a few weeks for six months to do mission work. Her mom teaches my girls at school and they LOOOOOOVE her.  I thought it would be fun to have her over and just hang out and talk a little. I wanted to hear about her trip. So proud of her! 

And now we are under tornado watch. Again.  I'm praying it passes us by.  I will be so ready for tornado season to end.  Or I need to move out of tornado alley.  
Hawaii looks better and better every day. 

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