Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Little Moments Lately

Harper's preschool had a Mommy and Muffins morning on Monday.  

She answered these questions. I've seen a lot of these from all my preschool mom friends on social media.  They are so funny.  I love that she said I like sandwiches. And no idea why she thinks I like orange.  But it's the sweetest thing that she likes me to play with her.  And I know I don't do that enough.  

And this was her choice of outfits for the afternoon.

Just getting ready for Miss America? :-) Or Vegas. I'm not sure. 

Yesterday we went to Bible Study and it was the first nice day we have had in forever so we got Panera to go and took it to the park for a picnic and play. 

Why does Harper look TWELVE???????

There is a creek by the park and the girls wanted to play so bad. We were dressed up from church - but we weren't going to let smocked dresses ruin our fun! I just tied them up and let them at it. 

How cute are Hollis' curls and monogrammed bloomers? 
{not much I love more than bloomers on little girls}

How cute is this face?
The two's are NOT being kind to she or I.  Oh BOY!
{she looks sweet but she is a handful.  She reminds me of a lot of Country Songs.  "She's a wild one with an angel face..........." ha ha ha! }

{I couldn't love this little mess more if I tried}

I decided yesterday that it's time for the pacifier to go away.
We need your prayers. 

Today was picture day at school.

I need to go ahead and answer these questions:
1. Yes my girls wear play clothes and just shorts. But I tend to take their pics when we are dressed to go somewhere. I need to take more messy pics of just playing in the yard in mismatched clothes and no bows.
2. No - they don't always match. But again - I tend to take their pics more when they do.  This summer they have a lot of hand me downs to wear so we won't be matching as much.  But the thing is - I know I only have maybe another year or two and they won't want to match or even wear what I pick out.  So I'm soaking up EVERY LAST MINUTE NOW!!! Judge me if you want - but I love having two sweet matching girls!!!  :-)

{I don't think anyone was being rude asking these questions - I'm just asked so often I thought I would answer. Things are done different in different places. }

It's like a dream come true for me! 

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