Saturday, April 20, 2013

Red White and Fun

Today was the spring game for the Arkansas razorbacks and they also had just a lot of fun stuff all around the stadium from the morning until night.  So we decided to head down and take the girls. 

 It's been cold (especially for april) but it ended up being just a perfect day and we had so much fun!
(I wore my new camo AR shirt from Riffraff! I feel very hipster when I wear it. ha!)

 Scott and his girls 
 I'm not sure what happened but Harper agreed to wear dog ears/(pigtails) today! Hollis wanted no part of it.  And yes poor Hollis has a black eye.  If you knew how wild that child was - you wouldn't even ask. ha! 
(I had their dresses made last year by a friend who just had a baby and isn't sewing right now)

We walked around and ate lunch at the stadium.  This was the girls' first time to Razorback stadium.
Harper said "I love this place!" 
{That's my girl}

 What is a good game without Dipping Dots? Harper was happy to share hers with Hollis. 
 We sat in the stadium FOREVER before the game even got started so by the time it did - the girls were done.  Harper kept saying "I want to go HOME".   We pretty much figured out it will be a long while before we start taking the girls to games.  
 But it was fun to experience with them at least for a little bit (for free!) 
 Harper yawning pretty much sums up how the game was going for her.  It was also during nap time. They sacked out as soon as we got in the car. 
 But at least they got to see the cheerleaders! Hollis was VERY interested in the cheerleaders and mascots.  

And we watched a few minutes of the game.  Not long enough. We are so excited about our new coach and have hopes for the future of our Razorbacks!!!! There was a great crowd of around 51,000 there today! 

We even got interviewed and were on the local news! They tried to get my girls to call the hogs but they were too "chawed".  ha! 

I have to say my favorite part of the day was when they sang the National Anthem and to hear the words "the home of the BRAVE" - I got so choked up just thinking about all that has gone on this week.  I'm so thankful for our police and the FBI.  Our nation has a lot wrong with it but I'm still so thankful to live here and I'm so thankful for all those who really are SO BRAVE to protect us!

P.S. I love all the discussion topics y'all have given me in the last post!!! Keep them coming if you have any more! This will be fun to get going! 

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