Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's talk about Housework and Work

I thought we would just start off our Monday with our first Caffeine Chat!!!

I LOVED all the questions y'all asked.  My vision for this is for me to take those questions and I'll answer the best I can ........but I'm hoping in the comments we can discuss further - I want to hear your input also.  I want this to be a "chat" - not just me talking to you.

Also - let's keep our discussion friendly.  I never want this to be a place where we have heated talks. We can all be friends here - even if our opinions differ. Okey dokey?

So I picked two of the topics you gave me for today.

1.   Lia asked How I handle Housework (since I admit I'm pretty OCD about my house being clean):

I've learned it's easier if I break up the housework instead of trying to use one day to clean.  Occasionally I will just clean like a mad man for several hours on a day my girls are at MDO but since those hours are just a few each week and I'm also trying to cram appointments and other things in those hours - that doesn't usually work.

So I usually spread it out.  I make a list each week of all the things I need to do.  I break out housework on that list.  Like Mondays I will dust. Tuesdays I vacuum and mop.  Wednesdays I clean bathrooms. Thursdays I deep clean the kitchen.

Every morning I usually start my day with clearing the dishwasher, making the beds and cleaning the kitchen and usually running a load of laundry.  I usually do this as soon as I get up every morning.

2. There were several questions about work (what I did, what my plans are, etc)

My college major was Finance/Economics.  I worked right out of college for a bank for a year and a half.  Then I worked for the Wal-Mart Corporate Office for 8 years as a financial analyst and category manager.  Then I worked for Black & Decker as both an analyst and category advisor for Wal-Mart for 5 years.  I LOVED working. I am SO thankful to be at home now but I honestly do miss working from time to time.  I worked for a LONG time before I stayed home with kids.
I can't say exactly what my plans are yet because I just don't know for sure.  I plan to do some kind of work once both my girls are in school.  I may try to find a job like I had before. I'd love to hopefully do it part time or at home.  Or I've always said I would LOVE to be a school or church secretary.  If I could find a part time analyst/category job once Harper is in school and Hollis is in preschool - I may work sooner.  I'm just taking one year at a time.  I would also LOVE to do office work or some kind of job in an OB/GYN office or some kind of medical work (but not nurse).  I really like working so I'm sure at some point I will work. But I also am SOOO grateful to have had time home with my girls.

I'd LOVE to hear from all of you awesome working moms!!!

So it's your turn to share. How do you handle housework and/or what kind of work do you do and how has that changed or will change with kids?

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