Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gather Round the Table

{Brooke, Amber, Jennie, me, Stephanie, Katherine, and Katie}

I have to admit - one of my favorite things about blogging is I've gotten to meet some of the most amazing people.  Monday night - I had the privilege of eating dinner with a whole table full of amazing women.  Sometimes I find myself at those tables and wonder how on earth I got in that group? Do they realize I'm the girl from small town Arkansas who didn't have a date to the prom and is a complete dork - I just ended up with some crazy blog.

The common demoninator on Monday night was Jennie Allen.  Jennie writes Bible Studies and speaks with Women of Faith.  If you have never done any of her Bible Studies - you should look into them.
She wrote  Stuck and Chase.

Jennie is an Arkansas girl and she lives in Austin but was here in NWA for a visit and gathered up some of her friends.  I was thrilled she asked me to come along! And so excited to meet her!

Some of the other girls that ate with us are Brooke {an EXTRAORDINARY photographer}, Amber {an amazing blogger and writer - she writes for (in)courage and is writing her first book}, Stephanie {one of the creaters of (in)courage and a social marketing consultant for companies like Pure Charity}, and Katie {Jennie's sister and one of the BEST interior designers I've seen - so talented}. Alsoone of Jennie's college roommates came and joined us and she was SOOOO sweet and fun - Katherine. And she teaches Jazzercise. How fun is that?

Northwest Arkansas is a wealth of interesting people. I was so blessed to meet more of them Monday night.  

Have you met any friends through blogging??? Or "internet friends" as I like to jokingly call them? I would love to hear your experiences! 

PS thank you for praying for our sweet friend Kamryn. She is home from the hospital and is appears it was febrile seizures. She's going to her regular doctor today.  It was a scary few days. 

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